Friday, November 8, 2019

Final draft short story Essays - Free Essays, Term Papers

Final draft short story Essays - Free Essays, Term Papers Creative writing Final draft short story It was a hot summer day in Bethlehem, USA, all the kids were coming home for their summer vacations. The town that was once calm and peaceful, was now crowded. Everyone was complaining about all those noisy kids in town, but deep down they were very happy, everybody loved that time of the year. Those noisy kids were the ones who brought life to that small town. Stephen, the hot guy in town was there, all the girls dreamed about him. He was tall and athletic, he had a golden blonde hair, and eyes as blue as the sky in summer; there wasnt one girl who didnt at least once dreamed about him. Oh wait, there was Sara, Sara didnt stand Stephen. According to her, Stephen was to full of himself. Let me explain why, Stephen was the son of the mayor, he had some jerk friends, and he dated a girl who would be a perfect witch if she knew how to cast spells. Now, its hard to believe that a person surrounded by people who would be perfect villains in a movie is a nice guy. Yes I know its funny, but its real, Stephen was a really good guy. Sara was short, she had red hair, green eyes and freckles on her cheeks, which was something she hated, but I personally thought it was very cute. She was the Pastor's daughter. Therefore, there were certain things that the others did, but she couldnt. For example, she couldnt go to parties because her father wouldnt let her. He even controlled what she wore every day, poor Sara if she had a dress or a skirt above her knees, shorts? Forget it, he would look at them as if he was seeing the devil itself. Pastor Thomas was very strict. There was a welcome party, which the popular guys organized every year, and only the popular guys and girls in town went to that party. This year it would be different, they would invite everyone in town, and Lindsay and her friends would take care of every single detail to make sure nothing went wrong. The party was going to be at Stephens house, they would have all kinds of food, mexican, American, chinese, and many others. As for the drinks, since they were underage, they were not allowed to have alcoholic drinks, but since Ryan and Chris, Stephens friends were so smart, when it comes to parties of course, because at school it was a whole different story. But never mind, they found out a way to sneak alcohol into the party without anyone knowing. Lindsay was Stephen's girlfriend; every girl in town was jealous of her. She was what we call "the hot girl," tall, with a perfect blonde hair and a body that even the world's most famous supermodel would want. However, even with all that outside beauty, Lindsay was very ugly on the inside. She once cut a girl's hair because she didnt like the color, can you imagine these? She dropped a bucket full of white paint on Camila's head the day she was performing in the town's local auditorium. Lindsay was just awful. So, the party was on Saturday, everyone wanted to go as pretty as they could, specially the girls. Sara was invited too, and after a war to convince her father to let her go, she finally did it. Now, the problem was what to wear. All the girls were looking for the best outfit, but they had to be very careful not to outshine Lindsay, the princess of the town, or worse, not to wear the same thing as her. Last year, the girl that wore a bracelet that looked kind of like hers, was thrown into the lake. Fortunately she is alive, but she is now traumatized and doesnt want to go to one of these parties again. Finally Saturday, Lindsay as usual was stunning, she wore a short blue dress that showed a little bit more than we wanted to see, she had her hair pulled into a perfect ponytail and a perfect makeup of course. Stephen was also there, he had a red polo

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