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How useful is ‘structural functionalism’ or ‘society as an...

The essay will critically analyse theoretical accounts of society, in particular how useful they are in understanding how death is viewed socially in the West. It will be argued that all different theoretical models of society can be useful, but that the model ‘society as an organism’, which emphasises symbolic interactionism, is often more useful than structural functionalism on its own. My analysis will start with a look a critique of structural functionalism, using Durkheim’s analysis of suicide (1953) as an example. I then look at ‘society as an organism’ in the thought of Rousseau (1913), before turning to consider these models specifically in relation to the problem of death. I discuss our Western fear of death, and suggest, drawing†¦show more content†¦He talks of the artificial body of the government (1913: 53) and â€Å"the body of the nation (1913: 29), the body and each of its members (1913: 29). He saw that the health of the soci al body depends on unity: public enlightenment leads to the union of understanding and will in the social body: the parts are made to work exactly together, and the whole is raised to its highest power (1913: 34). As we see, this model demands that we understand ‘the whole’ as more than its mere parts. It is not just the parts that need to function, but they need to function in their own nature which is determined by ‘the whole’ (e.g. the organism or social body). While structural functionalism sees an ordered society as a functional society, Rousseau’s model can recognise that while society might like to appear ordered, such order could be a mask of disorder. For example, he writes: So long as government and law provide for the security and well-being of men in their common life, the arts, literature and the sciences, less despotic though perhaps more powerful, fling garlands of flowers over the chains which weigh them down. They stifle in mens breasts that sense of original liberty, for which they seem to have been born (1913: 130-131). As such, the appearance of order is covering over disorder: What happiness would it be for those who live among us, if our external appearance were always a true mirror of ourShow MoreRelatedEssay on Understanding Change15189 Words   |  61 Pagescompetitive advantage 3 39 73 11 1 147 CHAPTER 1 Perspectives on change 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Perspectives on change 1.2.1 Modernity, progress, and change 1.2.2 Pathways to change 1.3 Structural-functional change: changing structures and functions 1.3.1 An organization is a complex whole 1.3.2 Structural theory 1.4 Multiple constituencies: change by negotiation 1.4.1 Stakeholder interests 1.5 Organizational Development: the humanistic approach to change 1.5.1 Intervention strategies at the individualRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 PagesOrganizational Theory takes you on a joyful ride through the developments of one of the great enigmas of our time – How should we understand the organization? Jan Ole Similà ¤, Assistant Professor, Nord-Trà ¸ndelag University College, Norway I really enjoyed this new text and I am sure my students will enjoy it, too. It combines rigorous theoretical argument with application and consideration of how managment practice is formed and shaped by ideas and concepts. The authors have brought their wealth of experience

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The Importance Of An Inclusive Practice For Early...

An inclusive practice is an important aspect to early childhood centers but can often be hard to achieve due to factors such as funding and limited resources. As well determining how inclusive a center is and how to best support challenges center face in becoming more inclusive can be difficult. Through the use of tools like the SpeciaLink Early Childhood: Inclusion Quality Scale early childhood educators can systematically and careful rate their inclusion levels and build plans to address concerns or areas for improvement. After completing the SpeciaLink Early Childhood: Inclusion Quality Scale in collaboration with an early childhood education center, strengths and areas for improvement became evident. Table 1 shows the centers strong†¦show more content†¦An increase in professional development opportunities was suggested for this centre as the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for the College of Early Childhood Educations requires educators to be current in their professional knowledge regarding child development and pedagogy (CECE, 2011). Well, we believe that having each staff member attend at least one professional development conference a year is a goal the center should strive for over the next few years, we understand that due to funding this goal may not be attainable within a year. Therefore, we developed an in-house professional development program. This program increases the availability of professional development opportunities by providing monthly in-house professional development workshops. These workshops will be achieved through the educator’s reflecting and collaboratively choosing topics or areas of interest. Each educator will select one of these topics to research and present to the other educators. This professional development program is supported by research that suggests educators should attend frequent opportunities to increase their knowledge of inclusion (Halfon Friendly, 2013). In addition, Bennett and Wynne (2006) note that it is through continual professional development that educators are gain the knowledge and skillsShow MoreRelatedThe Purpose Of The Study Was To Examine The Quality Of1200 Words   |  5 Pagesof the literacy environment in inclusive early childhood special education (ECSE) classroom. There was two focuses in the study. The first, was to describe the quality of the literacy environment in terms of the structure and instruction. This includes book materials, print and writing materials. The other focus was to examine the interrelationship among teacher and classroom factors and quality of the structural literacy of the literacy environment. The importance of the structural and instructuralRead MoreEffects Of Obesity On Children s Children926 Words   |  4 Pagescharacterized by an excess amount of body fat (â€Å"Obesity in Children,† 2016). In the United States, obesity in children has become an epidemic that continues to increase at an astronomical rate. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), showed obesity among Hispanic children was 22.4% in 2011-2012 (â€Å"Childhood Obesity Facts,† 2015). According to a recent report conducted by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, Hispanic children are at a heightened risk for obesity and comorbiditiesRead MoreThis Chapter Will Provide The Theoretical Framework For1281 Words   |  6 Pagesthe theoretical framework for training teachers for family engagement followed by a current and comprehensive literature review of: (1) Importance of family engagement, (2) Family engagement and educational equity, (3) Current state of teacher preparation for family engagement, (4) Teachers’ beliefs and attitudes towards family engagement, and (5) Best practices for teacher preparation. Following the literature review, the summary at the end of the chapter will propose the need for the study andRead MoreThe Importance of Play-Based Activities in Childrens Learning995 Words   |  4 Pagesso many things I did not know about them and I was perplexed just by handling one crying child. This booklet is created for early year’s practitioners that are just starting and it is aimed to provide practitioners about children, early year’s documents and play. As an early years’ practitioner, there is much information that is useful to know. For example, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework is a framework that all settings in the United Kingdom (UK) have to provide for childrenRead MoreImproving Student Participation Is A Matter Of Importance1543 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction: In a classroom we come across student diversity in terms of ability, ethnicity and learning needs. Ensuring student participation is a matter of importance, since children are at times deprived of equal right to use inclusive education from early childhood through to adulthood. Inclusive education means eliminating the distinction between special and regular education and giving equal opportunities despite their level of disability. It implies that providing educational facilitiesRead MoreMinimum Requirement : Infant / Toddler Child Development Associate ( Cda )983 Words   |  4 PagesToddler Teacher. Minimum requirement: Infant/Toddler Child Development Associate (CDA). Then on to complete 15 credits, 30 credits, 45 credits up to an Associate or Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education or a related field. Two years of experience working with young children. Excellent interpersonal skills, flexible hours, and basic computer skills required. Ability to: complete basic paperwork, respond to emergency situations, analyze and solve problems, move and play with small children.Read MorePersonal Narrative Of A Teacher1131 Words   |  5 PagesI had to write many letters to get Lucy the services she needed. Lucy is an important reason why I decided to go back to school. My role of the teacher in the classroom can make that learning moment special. Having qualified teachers in early childhood centers and elementary classrooms that are knowledgeable and conscious of how children develop is important part of a good education. As a teacher I want be an excellent example of high values and am a worthy role model for children. I believe myRead MoreThe Writing Of The Major Of Education Essay2035 Words   |  9 Pagesexperimental. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, my first journal, is a technical journal that has been around for over twenty years. A technical reading is characterized by the word usage, the content, and the level of professionalism. The editor is Laura justice. It covers issues of interest to early childhood development, theory, and educational practice. Some of the topics covered but not limited to are children’s social, emotional, cognitive behavior, and motor development applied to early childhoodRead MoreWhat Are The Goals Of Early Head Start?1712 Words   |  7 Pagesnfant to Age Five Child Care What are the goals of Early Head Start? The goals or priorities of this is to provide safe and developmentally enriching caregiving. To support parent, mother and father, in the role as primary caregivers. The teaching of the children, and family in meeting personal goals. Being able to successfully achieve self sufficiency across a wide variety of domains. Communities being mobilized to provide proper resources and environment that is necessary. But also, to ensureRead MoreInfant Of Age Five Child Care1661 Words   |  7 PagesInfant to Age Five Child Care What are the goals of Early Head Start? The goals or priorities of this is to provide safe and developmentally enriching caregiving. To support parent, mother and father, in the role as primary caregivers. The teaching of the children, and family in meeting personal goals. Being able to successfully achieve self sufficiency across a wide variety of domains. Communities being mobilized to provide proper resources and environment that is necessary. But also, to ensure

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Roll of Communication in Management Free Essays

Communication is the process of transmitting information and meaning. It is important for managers to develop their communication skills, because it is one major skills needed by managers. The management roles, which are interpersonal, informational, and decisional and the management functions, which are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling all require communication. We will write a custom essay sample on Roll of Communication in Management or any similar topic only for you Order Now There are many types of communication. 1. vertical communication. The definition of vertical communication is the flow of information both downward and upward through the organizational chain of command. Some also refer to it as formal communication. Downward communication kind of speaks for itself; top-level management produces decisions that are communicated down to tell employees how to perform their job. 2. upward communication. This is when employees send a message threw the chain of command, to the managers. This type of communication is very good for employees because they feel they are being noticed in the organization. Managers also benefit from this because they learn more about the organization. 3. horizontal communication. Horizontal communication is defined as the flow of information between colleagues and peers. Although it is a form of formal communication, it does not follow a chain of command. Horizontal communication happens when persons of equal rank, if you will, communicate to each other. 4. grapevine communication. It is defined as the flow of information in any direction throughout the organization. This is a form of informal communication. This can flow in any direction, at anytime. Rumors get spread this way. Managers can correct situations by sending correct information down the chain of command. The next term I would like to define and describe is the communication process. The communication process consists of a sender who encodes a message and transmits it through a channel to a receiver who decodes it and may give feedback. There are four steps in this process. One, the sender encodes the message and selects the transmission channel. Two, the message is transmitted through a channel. Three, the receiver decodes the message and decides if feedback is needed. Four, feedback, response, or new message may be transmitted through a channel. In defining the first one that is, the sender encodes the message and selects the channel, we must define the different parts of that phrase. Encoding is defined as the sender’s process of putting the message into a form that the receiver will understand. When selecting a channel there are three primary communication channels, which are oral, nonverbal, and written. The sender should choose the most appropriate one to warrant the needs of the situation. The second step in the communication process is, the sender transmits the message. After the sender has encoded the message, and selected a channel it is transmitted to the receiver. There are many barriers one being noise. This can confuse the receiver and he or she may not be able to understand it correctly. The third step in the communication process is, the receiver decodes the message and decides if feedback is needed. Decoding is defined as the receiver’s process of translating the message into a meaningful form. The receiver decides if there is something needed in return, such as feedback, a response, or a new message. There are many barriers to mess up this step. Some of these are trust, credibility, not listening, and emotional barriers. The forth step in the communication process is feedback: a response or a new message may be transmitted. The role of the receiver and sender can change at anytime during this communication process. There are three different channels to communicate through, oral, non-verbal, and written. Oral communication is verbal communication. You can communicate fast with a one on one oral communication. The amount of time it takes to communicate this way to many persons is where it lacks. Nonverbal communication is messages sent without words. Body language is included in nonverbal communication. Facial expressions and vocal quality are both parts of body language. Written communication provides a record and is usually more accurate then oral communication. Some examples of this are memos, letters, reports, and posters. I would now like to discuss and define feedback. Feedback is the process of verifying messages. You can use feedback to describe the fact that didn’t understand the sender’s message this is referred to as paraphrasing. The definition of paraphrasing is the process of having the receiver restate the message in his or her own words. Communications management focuses on the efficient and effective management of all ex-change relations between an organization and its stakeholders. Corporate communications as part of the communications management process is about presenting corporate policy, and creating a positive relationship with an organization’s environment. Promoting the relationships with all the relevant stakeholders acts as an extremely important tool to gain corporate success and competitive advantage How to cite Roll of Communication in Management, Papers

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Women Who Are Currently Experiencing Violence By Male Partner

Question: Discuss about the Women Who Are Currently Experiencing Violence By Male Partner. Answer: Background information: Mitchell has shared her horrible experience with her male partner during her live in period. She was subjected to physical and mental abuse on daily basis. She had to leave her house and the court has to consider her situation as her partner still threatening her. She is suffering from mental depression and has to join in the counseling classes. Record of contract: A social program has been arranged to point out the social condition of the women and Mitchell has represented her at the program. The initial contact has been made with Mitchell that day. After that day, four seating have been organized with her and each seating continued for three long hour. The horrible experience of Mitchell during that period and her urge to get rid of that situation influenced me a lot. She had overcome the trauma to certain extent but I think we need to raise our voice against the same and make a strong protest for the grief condition of the women in the modern Australia. Sufficient consideration and intervention of the court is required in this case. Court needs to peruse the documents submitted before it and has to consider the medical report and copy of complaints made by the victim in this case. Social History: Mitchell was born in Melbourne in the year 1984 and she was third child in her family. She came to New South Wales for work and she met Peter in the office. They both came closer to each other and started to live in together. It has been known from her that Peter was drug addict and his dose had been increased when he lost his job. It has been observed that Mitchell has to bear all the expenses and had to take care of all the domestic matters. Peter did not try for another job and he used to beat Mitchell during the drug inducement stage. During one of her interviews, it has been contended by Mitchell that her partner had attempted to intercourse with her against her will and in case of any objection, he beat her bitterly. She had made two police complaint and Peter was apologized for his activities. Mitchell had forgiven him due to love and affection. However, the situation has not changed yet rather the amount of torture was increased. It has further been observed that Mitchell had conceived during that period and she had to abort her child due to continuous pressure made by her partner and she had undergone into mental trauma and it was hard for her to lead her life with her partner. During that period, sudden death of her mother had dragged her towards the melancholic situation and that affected her mental state to many aspects. It has been contended by her that she has developed mental depression at that state and lost her job. She felt her as a lone and detached woman in the globe. When she understood that such violence would not be stopped, she had left her home, started to live separately, and joined counseling class. Education and work experience: Mitchell had a bright educational background and she had graduated from Victoria University in the year 2008. Her subject was applied computer science and she got a chance to go further with her studies. However, she got the job within that period and could not continue her studies. It has been learnt from her that she was in high demand of money for her family as her father died since her childhood. She was posted in the community management and she had to deal with the fiber optics technology. She had to shift to New South Wales for that job and started to live as a paying guest there. History of abuse: Mitchell states that she fell in love with Peter during her office days and Peter was her senior in the office. They started dating for some period and after that, she had shifted in a flat jointly with Peter. She was unknown about the addiction of Peter and found that after one week of her settlement with Peter. She had to burn the midnight oil for her official purpose and during that period, Peter caused disturbance to her. He frequently made demand for sex and Mitchell had to cooperate with his desires. However, it has been learnt from the interviews that Peter had lost his job after some time and Mitchell has to bear all the expenses. Peter had no intention to find another job for himself and he pressurized Mitchell to bear his addiction price. In case of any denial, he used to beat Mitchell and mentally torture her. Mitchell was depressed for all these occurrences and lost her job too. Her depression had been incremented after the sudden death of her mother in the year 2016. It has also been contended by her that she became pregnant in 2017, but she had to abort due to continuous mental and physical abuse by her partner. All these incidents had created great impact on her, she had undergone into mental depression, and her health condition was deteriorated day to day. Health: After being subjected to continuous mental and physical torture, the health condition of Mitchell was deteriorated and she had to admit to hospital for two times. She was suffering from mental depression and she felt her lonely. Further, sudden death of her mother and the incident of abortion weaken her mentally and she became disturbed. She used to share her experience with her mother and mother was her only support. Further, she could not concentrate in anything for all the violence she had to face by her partner. Financial condition: It has been observed that she and her partner both were working in a company. They have shifted in a large flat in the city on rent and both of them paid for their household works. However, suddenly Peter was terminated from his office and therefore, all the expenses come on the shoulder of Mitchell. She had to meet the official requirements and domestic requirements as well. She had to face serious financial trouble in that days and it was tough for her to meet all the requirements perfectly. She had to bear the cost of cocaine and in case of any denial; she had to bear violence from her partner. Peter used to treat her as house cleaner and a medium to fulfill all his demands. No minimum support she got from her partner and this dragged her to mental depression. Professional assessment: Considering all the interview sessions with Mitchell, it has been observed that she was subjected to acute mental and physical torture and she did not want to hide any fact from me. Her condition reflects the untold story of many Australian women who had to face violence from their male partner. Her story of depression shook me a lot and she should get justice. Her urge to recover all the depressions are quite motivated. However, all the reasonable actions should have to take against her partner and interference of the court is required in this case. Reflection part: I am quite enthusiastic about the human rights and considering the dark experience of Mitchell, certain ethical viewpoints have been come into my notice. I am quite motivated by the struggle of Mitchell. Her experiences had shaken me internally and I can relate me with her. It has been learnt from her that she had lost her father in her early days and she was on great demand of love. It has been observed that when she had been shifted to New South Wales for her job and there she met Peter. She wanted to found that love from Peter but she had to face adverse situation and acute violence from him. She had become mentally depressed and she did not get any medium that can give her peace. It has been observed that her partner had snatched all her fundamental rights away from her and she ought to have a fair ground to narrate all her experience before the court. Mitchell should have to get fair chance as all her human rights had been taken away and she was forced to abort her child. Her partner deteriorated her health condition due to continuous torture. However, she has able to overlap all the negative effects but she should be fairly adjudicated by the Court. There are certain ethical considerations engraved in the case. The condition of Mitchell should be dealt in the ground of justice and the court has to determine what is right and what is wrong by considering the ethical concepts in her case. Her case should be considered with the adherence of social justice and all the ethical perspectives should have to consider properly. Her rights should be preserved and she should get a fair trial regarding the same. References: Garca-Moreno, C., Zimmerman, C., Morris-Gehring, A., Heise, L., Amin, A., Abrahams, N., ... Watts, C. (2015). Addressing violence against women: a call to action.The Lancet,385(9978), 1685-1695. Guedes, A., Bott, S., Garcia-Moreno, C., Colombini, M. (2016). Bridging the gaps: a global review of intersections of violence against women and violence against children.Global health action,9(1), 31516. Khalifeh, H., Moran, P., Borschmann, R., Dean, K., Hart, C., Hogg, J., ... Howard, L. M. (2015). Domestic and sexual violence against patients with severe mental illness.Psychological medicine,45(4), 875-886. Michau, L., Horn, J., Bank, A., Dutt, M., Zimmerman, C. (2015). Prevention of violence against women and girls: lessons from practice.The Lancet,385(9978), 1672-1684. Oram, S., Khalifeh, H., Howard, L. M. (2017). Violence against women and mental health.The Lancet Psychiatry,4(2), 159-170. Pahl, J. (Ed.). (2016).Private violence and public policy: The needs of battered women and the response of the public services. Routledge. Rees, S., Steel, Z., Creamer, M., Teesson, M., Bryant, R., McFarlane, A. C., ... Forbes, D. (2014). Onset of common mental disorders and suicidal behavior following women's first exposure to gender based violence: a retrospective, population-based study.BMC psychiatry,14(1), 312. Roberts, D., Chamberlain, P., Delfabbro, P. (2015). Women's experiences of the processes associated with the family court of Australia in the context of domestic violence: A thematic analysis.Psychiatry, Psychology and Law,22(4), 599-615. Vaughan, C., Murdolo, A., Murray, L., Davis, E., Chen, J., Block, K., ... Warr, D. (2015). ASPIRE: A multi-site community-based participatory research project to increase understanding of the dynamics of violence against immigrant and refugee women in Australia.BMC public health,15(1), 1283. Wong, J., Mellor, D. (2014). Intimate partner violence and womens health and wellbeing: Impacts, risk factors and responses.Contemporary nurse,46(2), 170-179.