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A Normal School Day :: Free Essays

A Normal School Day The cold air hit me in the face as I opened the door, and with it a cold foggy world unfolded. The air was cold and crisp, and their was a slight crunch as my steps crushed the crystallised green structures on the cold sleeping floor as I made my way across the field towards the lonely bus stop, trying to dodge the muddy, waterlogged pits that filled the field. As I reached the end of the field, I had top scramble down a short slimly path to my destination which was very slippery at this time if year. The bus stop couldn't really be called a bus stop, it was just a post in the ground with a picture of a bus on it which had the rank of 'bus stop'. We had to wait for minutes that felt like hours, for a dirty cream and brown box with a grumpy face, covered from wheel to roof in dust, the red mud around the rims had dried from previous excursions, the remains of its unsuspecting muddy victims. The dirty rotting portal of a door opened with a hiss as we all filled in to the rotting carcass on wheels. The journey only lasted 20 minutes, which is nothing if you have lived her all your life, after a while you begin to realise that its only the tourists who are willing to acknowledge your existence in the world, which is good in a way. But we never had proper roads, when we pointed on a map and said 'that's it , that's where I live, they would look at you strange as you pointed at one small A road running through mid-Devon. Even the map denied our existence, they only ever showed the one road that meant so much to us, our one link to the outside world 'the city'. The bus was warm in the cramped bus, which managed to raise our spirits as the rain hit the ancient windowpanes, and watching the wind fighting with the trees, trying get its own way.

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Business Policy & Strategic Management

BUSINESS POLICY & STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Objective: This course in Business Policy and Strategic Management is framed to help the students to learn the concepts related to Business Policies and Strategic Management so as to understand how a successful Business Policies and Strategies are framed at different levels of Management for organizational success and smooth functioning of an organization in today’s dynamic environment. I Introduction to Business Policy & Strategic Management: [9%] – Definition, Concept, Objective and Significance The levels at which strategy operates – Characteristic of Strategic Management – An Overview: Strategic Management Process – Concept of Strategic Decision Making II Strategy Formulation: [20%] – Understanding Strategic Intent: Vision, Mission, Business Definition, Goals and Objectives – Concepts of Strategic Stretch, Leverage & Fit – Environment Appraisal: Concept & Environmental Sector; PEST Anal ysis – Organizational Appraisal: Concepts & Capability Factors ; Porter’s Value Chain Model – Framework for developing Strategic Advantage SWOT Analysis as a Tool for assessing Organizational Capabilities and Environment Opportunities – Type of Strategies: Corporate Level (Concept of Grand Strategies) , Business Level and Functional Level. – Guidelines for Crafting Successful Business Strategies III Strategy Analysis and Choice: [22%] – Corporate Level Strategy Analysis: BCG Matrix & GE 9 cell Matrix, – Business Level Strategy Analysis: Life Cycle Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces of Industry Analysis – Concept of Strategic Decision Making. Subjective Factors in Strategic Choice and Process of Strategic Choice IV Strategy Implementation: [18 %] – Interrelation Between Strategy Formulation and Implementation – Aspects of Strategy Implementation – An overview of Project, Procedural Implementation, Resourc e Allocation – Structural Implementation: An overview of: Structural Consideration, Structure for Strategies. – Behavioral Implementation: An overview of: Leadership, Corporate Culture, Corporate Politics and Use of Power, Personal Values and Business Ethics. Functional /Operational Implementation: An overview of: Functional Strategies. V Strategy Evaluation and Control : [13%] – An Overview of Strategic Evaluation and Control – Strategic Control and Operational Control – Techniques for Strategic Evaluation and Control – Role of Organizational Systems in Evaluation – Mc Kinsey’s 7s Framework. VI. Cases in Strategic Management: [18%] – Minimum five cases encompassing the above topics to be analyzed and discussed in the class. Cases to be incorporated in Question Paper

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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Book vs Movie - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 1 Words: 408 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2017/09/17 Category Media Essay Type Compare and contrast essay Level High school Tags: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Essay Dramatic Essay Movie Essay Did you like this example? Luka Stojanovic Mr. Horner 9/13/2010 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Film vs. Book The book and the movie Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde weren’t too different. The 1920 silent film, â€Å"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,† wasn’t too different from the book. Even though this film version of the book was silent, I could still tell what was happening in the movie due to the fact that I watched the movie as I read the book to be able to compare and interpret what was going on. The film and the book were actually very similar indeed. This is probably because the movie was silent and the director had to portray it more accurately to the book. However there were some differences between the book and the movie. One of the major differences is how each medium portrays the characters differently. In the book, Dr. Jekyll is portrayed as more of a scholarly character or a â€Å"doctor† but in the movie he is portrayed as a â€Å"crazy scientist. † I like that the author did this though because it made the movie more exciting as opposed to the book. Mr. Utterson is also portrayed differently. In the book he is portrayed as a more honest character than in the movie. Mr. Utterson advises Dr. Jekyll against some of his actions in the book much more than he does in the movie, but again, the director does this for dramatic effect. The way Mr. Hyde is portrayed in the movie is very accurate though. The movie shows Mr. Hyde as truly being a monster just as in the book. The only difference is that in the movie, the transformation of Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde is much more dramatic. The movie shows the transformation as being extremely gruesome and dramatic whereas in the book the transformation was more gradual and less extreme. Overall, I liked the book more than the movie, even though both were kind of boring and I couldn’t quite understand the book either. The author could have written the book in a more exciting fashion because quite often I would daze off as I was reading and would miss vital parts of the book. However, I thought the movie was worse because it was silent and the only sound playing was the eerie background music. I also didn’t like the fact that it was a very old, black and white movie. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Book vs Movie" essay for you Create order