Friday, January 24, 2020

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A Normal School Day The cold air hit me in the face as I opened the door, and with it a cold foggy world unfolded. The air was cold and crisp, and their was a slight crunch as my steps crushed the crystallised green structures on the cold sleeping floor as I made my way across the field towards the lonely bus stop, trying to dodge the muddy, waterlogged pits that filled the field. As I reached the end of the field, I had top scramble down a short slimly path to my destination which was very slippery at this time if year. The bus stop couldn't really be called a bus stop, it was just a post in the ground with a picture of a bus on it which had the rank of 'bus stop'. We had to wait for minutes that felt like hours, for a dirty cream and brown box with a grumpy face, covered from wheel to roof in dust, the red mud around the rims had dried from previous excursions, the remains of its unsuspecting muddy victims. The dirty rotting portal of a door opened with a hiss as we all filled in to the rotting carcass on wheels. The journey only lasted 20 minutes, which is nothing if you have lived her all your life, after a while you begin to realise that its only the tourists who are willing to acknowledge your existence in the world, which is good in a way. But we never had proper roads, when we pointed on a map and said 'that's it , that's where I live, they would look at you strange as you pointed at one small A road running through mid-Devon. Even the map denied our existence, they only ever showed the one road that meant so much to us, our one link to the outside world 'the city'. The bus was warm in the cramped bus, which managed to raise our spirits as the rain hit the ancient windowpanes, and watching the wind fighting with the trees, trying get its own way.

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