Friday, July 26, 2019

Reaction essay to Slavoj Zizek's Against Human Rights article

Reaction to Slavoj Zizek's Against Human Rights article - Essay Example Zizek analyzes the argument of the ability of human rights in defending the citizens against violation of power. Some communities are fragmented, and they become weak in having collective speak at the grassroots level and this allows a higher authority to decide on behalf of societies like that. He views that â€Å"The political influence of the small-holding peasants, therefore, finds its final expression in the executive power subordinating society to it† (Zizek 3. Human rights institutions are incapacitated to review changes in a historic system that is violent and unequal in its operations. The intervention in Libya analyzes the legality or righteousness of military intervention by Western countries where the human rights issue was nonexistent. The Gaddafi forces were dealing with the rebels inappropriately therefore the West had to intervene. The military had they are own economic and political rights. Intervention in Libya was counter-revolutionary where it was not meant to fuel changes in North Africa but to implement imperial status quo. The intervention by the military was a sign of opportunism. In this political history, there was an illusion of national sovereignty where there was land to grab and exploitation of people who had no legal protection. The main concern was the issue of resistance of oil grabbing by Western powers where they treated refugees in Libya as subjects, not as human beings with human rights. Zizek politicizes human right that seeks to replace repressive regimes where such systems especially from the West take up a false ideological universality. Such universality contends that democratic capitalism is the best order, and the West has the duty to promote such governance. He reviews â€Å" the human rights of the Third World suffering victims effectively means today, in the predominant

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