Tuesday, July 30, 2019

You and i

Martha Cecilia, which was taken after her daughter's name, is one of – if not the most popular Tagalog romance pocketbook writer of today. Most of her written works became best-sellers and her very popular Kristine pocketbook series which consists of a total of 54 books was even turn into a TV series by one of the largest broadcasting network in the country.She is best known for writing love stories with happy endings and she has released over 00 books under her current company, Precious Heart Romance. 9. Carlo]. Caparas He was the man responsible for the creation of the undying story of Ang Panday (The Blacksmith). In addition to that, he also created other great stories who later turned to movies and/or TV series such as Gagambino, Bakekang, Totoy Bato, and Joaquin Bordado to name a few. Caparas was originally a comic strip writer who later ventured in to film directing and producing.In July 2009, he was proclaimed as a National Artist of the Philippines in the category of V isual Arts and Film. 8. Mars Ravelo Like Caparas, Mars Ravelo is also a comic strip writer and creator who rose to popularity because of his works such as Darna (a local version of America's wonderwoman), Dysabel (a mermaid whose fate is a little similar to Ariel of â€Å"The Little Mermaid†), and Captain Barbel (a local version of Superman) to name a few. As you may have observed, Ravelo's works are so much alike to some American fictional stories.This is because he was born at the time when Philippines was still an American Territory. Thus, it's understandable that his writing is heavily influenced by the American literature. Ravelo started out as a cartoonist who worked his way up until he became an editor-in-chief for several publications and film companies before establishing his own company. During his time, he was the highest paid comic writer.

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