Thursday, July 25, 2019

The influence of social network media on consumer behaviour Essay

The influence of social network media on consumer behaviour - Essay Example Such response is said to be affected by consumers’ behavior. Thus, it is clear by this line of argument that consumers’ behaviours need to be substantially understood in order to successfully convey the message about the product. In this level of information, buyer behaviour is important consideration. According to Kotler et al (1999), buyer behaviour is in line with consumers’ ability to choose and consume. These consumers can be identified as individuals or households with the capacity to pay for something for personal consumption. Thus, in today’s marketing system, marketers are able to use different media to effectively convey the message about their products directly to the consumers. In today’s marketing activities, there are different messages imparted by the media for the prospective customers with regards to a specific line of offerings. This means that the media remain one of the most effective channels where information or messages about a certain line of products can substantially and effectively reach to prospective customers. Thus, it would make sense to essentially create information channeled through the media because in that way detailed information about an offering can reach to the consumers. Today, the existence of social networks brings forward the ability of marketers to integrate information on the different line of offerings directly to the consumers with and without the latter knowing so much about it in detail. In its general context, social network is consisting of individuals who are considered actors with sets of relations defined among them (Wasserman and Faust, 1994). These individuals may be friends or belong to a certain organisation with one common interests and dislikes. These individuals may be also looking for someone else who could be their ultimate partners in life in the future. These individuals may be those who have common and basic interest on particular subjects such as religion, tec hnology, sexual relationships and others. Knowing that a social network is concerned about all these things, it is easy for marketers to create remarkable moves in order to design strategies that fit to the needs of target buyers. The existence of social network media seems to be increasing and even users of them are increasing in number. This only proves that connecting people from all over the world is such a good strategy that will link consumers together in one particular purpose in the first place. This is to know their buying behaviour in a universal context. In particular, this paper talks about the influence of social network media on consumer behavior. In detail, this would talk about the impact of social network media on consumers’ personality, attitude, culture, perception and more and how these in particular defined their buying behaviour. Characteristics affecting consumer behaviour According to Kotler et al. (1999), there are characteristics of buyers that can i nfluence their buying behaviour and these include cultural, social, personal and psychological. Integrating these characteristics in the social network media would therefore make a sound move among marketers who always seem busy to study and influence buyers’ behaviours. This shows the importance to understand each of these characteristics in the context of social network media. This brings forward the ability to analyse up to what level are these concepts of consumer behaviour

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