Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Service Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Service Management - Assignment Example The factor that is driving the change in strategy is the maturity and experience they have gained as solicitors over a long time they have as an independent firm. Furthermore, the fact that the number of clients they have is not growing, hence, they plan to find ways of increasing the number of customers. Another fact is that Smith and Jones want to be more visible in the market, and expand their business by employing another solicitor, who will assist them (Johnston, Clark & Shulver, 2012). John Smith differentiated his firm from the competition by noting that other solicitors believe that the business grows on its own, and they should just sit back and watch. Conversely, his firm is different since they work hard to maintain a client by ensuring that they come back and refer them to their friends (Krajewski, Ritzman & Malhotra, 2007). Their firm does not just wait, but treat their clients well by excellent communication, and providing good services to both the personal and commercial clients (Greasley, 2008). John Smith differentiates his firm from the competition by stating that their firm does not abuse their clients, and do believe that all customers are not happy with their solicitors. With this concept, John knows that their firm operates differently from her competitors and is more careful when it comes to handling their clients (Metters, King-Metters & Pullman, 2003). The changes John Smith will need to make to the operation include making efforts in selling their services. This can be achieved by putting a brochure together and list the extra services they provide including the steps they can take in order to receive the services. The change John Smith would need to make is to find good services that are related to their initial job. The services might include offering guiding and counseling, and teaching ethics, morals and ways of running their business

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