Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Underneath Essay Example for Free

The Underneath Essay The book I most recently read is The Underneath by Kathi Appelt. The book is a fictional book where all creatures can talk to each other. The book has a strange way of telling its story. The story follows many points view, the cats, Grandmother Snake, the Alligator King, Ranger, Gar Face, and more characters. Somehow all of these characters stories tie up together. The book mainly follows the cat’s story. The story starts of when the calico cat, or the mother cat, which was pregnant was abandoned on the highway trying to look for a home. She then finds her way to an old tilted house where a bloodhound called Ranger lives. She liked Ranger but Ranger had an evil owner called Gar Face. Because of Gar Face the calico cat had to stay under the house, which was called the Underneath. After a while the calico cat gave birth to two kittens, Puck and Sabine, and from them did the calico cat made her rule, â€Å"Stay in the Underneath, never go in the Open. † At that part everyone else’s story starts to connect. Gar Faces story finally comes in, and we learn why he is so evil. The story explains about his past when his father bet him and he ran off into the woods. He was hungry, sad, tired but most of all angry. Later he hunts down this deer which he shot and for hours he chased it until it finally gave up and fell, and he learned two things that day how to hunt and survive in the wild and hatred. Later in the story we find out about Grandmother Snake and the Alligator King and they become very important in the end of the story. But Grandmother Snake is filled with loneliness and hatred from her daughter leaving her and from the jar she is stuck in. The Alligator King also has a rivalry between himself and Gar Face. One day one of the kittens, Puck, went out to the Open and got caught by Gar Face and his mother tries to help but she got caught also, leaving Pucks sister behind with Ranger tied up to his chain. They both were put in a bag and when they were in the bag the calico cat asked her son to promise her to break Rangers chain, and Puck kept his promise. That’s when Gar Face threw the bag with the two cats inside into a pond where the calico cat drowns. In the end the Grandmother snake breaks free from her jar and helps Ranger break free. Puck starts attacking Gar Face and at one point Puck pounced on Gar Face’s face where Gar Face grabbed him and threw him into the lake, and Gar Face kneeled down to pour water o his face from the lake, and the last thing he saw was a big grin from the Alligator King. Then finally Ranger and the two kittens were able to run off to a place far away.

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