Saturday, October 5, 2019

Business model for taskrabbit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business model for taskrabbit - Essay Example de lawn mowers, carpet cleaners, baby sitters, nannies, window cleaners, and people to help unpack, fetch groceries, and pick you from the airport among many others. TaskRabbit is a perfect example of an e-commerce business. Its function in the society, as insisted by its founder is to help save time for people, get errands done and create cheap labor (Leber, 2013). A business model refers to activities planned and designed by a business in order to maximize on their profits. It includes how the business functions and its components, the revenues and the expenses (Currie, 2004). An ecommerce business model allows business people to utilize the unique and special qualities of the web. Some of these special qualities include real time, time sharing, traffic and value flows, universal access, the ease of use of the web and searching capabilities. These unique qualities are what drive many people to adopt the use of the internet and the web in their business. Castellano, (2013) confirms that there are many different business models, and each business selects the one that best befits. The e-commerce business models are categorized into B2B, B2C or C2C. Each of these three business models has its own unique characteristics, and this is the reason why one model might work for one company and not for the other. For the TaskRabbit Company, it employs B2 C model. B2C means that the business models here are customer oriented, and they deal with the customer either directly or indirectly. Their products and services are made having customer satisfaction in mind. B2B means that it’s a business and another business who are involved in the transactions. C2C simply means that its two customers who are the main agents in the transactions (Currie, 2004). The TaskRabbit Company, in the B2C business model operates as transaction and market provider level. This is because it handles and takes care of customers online transactions by creating and helping fix people in job

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