Friday, October 25, 2019

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Saving the Animals? In Buffalo New York on October 23rd of last year, Dr. Barnett Slepian was murdered. He wasn’t killed because of his financial status or because of a dispute he had with a patient. Someone who never really knew Dr. Slepian, someone who never met his family, a person who didn’t agree with Dr. Slepian’s job, took his life. This is a great example to show how a disagreement in ideology can lead to actions that no one has the authority to take. An animal liberator bombing a meat processing plant is like the pro-life activist killing the doctor who performs abortions. Both of the actions don’t achieve the results that are intended, they both claim that they help save the lives of the innocent, and they are both hypocritical. The results that are wanted can not be achieved through causing pain and suffering to the opposing party. When a sniper took the life of Dr. Slepian he was trying to move the cause of pro-life forward. The end result was not what he had wanted; the medical community was outraged and the people who believed in the right to choose strengthened their resolve. This quote by Dr. Henry Morgentaler, the country’s best-known pro-abortion crusader, illustrates this point very accurately. "This is a sign of the moral bankruptcy of the so-called pro-life movement. It bespeaks their frustration and rage at the fact that they have not been able to convince the public of the rightness of their cause," (Cnn 2) The frustration that Dr. Morgentaler mentions is even further enhanced when the pro-lifers see that their cause is regressing from public empathy. The example of the murder of Dr. Slepian is a good analogy to what the bombing of the meat processing plant would cause. The people in the factory would be massacred and the people who don’t support the cause of animal liberation would be outraged. The intended result of lower consumption of animal meat would not be achieved because the pub lic would not see the righteousness of the cause; and where there is demand for meat there will be suppliers to meet the demand, this is a basic law of economics. Even if the bomber would bomb every single meat-processing plant in the country, intrepid businessmen would find ways to meet the demand in the country. Murder has always been an unacceptable action in modern society.

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