Friday, October 18, 2019

Social work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Social work - Essay Example Difference of skin color is a major factor that affects the social and economic status of individuals in our society. This essay will take into account the impact of poverty on the life of black individuals suffering from a mental health condition. A deep insight into the causes of poverty will allow a better understanding of the nature of the issue. The work will also attempt to establish whether poverty is structural or pathological; an aspect that can provide insight into the ways that can be utilized to eradicate poverty. The essay emphasizes the need to make mental health services easily accessible to service users that belong to the selected social class i.e. black individuals suffering mental health issues. Social exclusion refers to the marginalization that is experienced by certain disadvantaged classes of a society due to their social, educational, political, and economic or health backgrounds. Individual belonging to such classes are generally deprived of access to resources that are otherwise available to all other classes of the society. One of the most common themes in this regard is income or social inequality. According to Hirsch, Davis &Smith (2009), it is a process through which someƃ‚  groups have been discriminated on issues which relate to caste, creed, race, religion, gender disability, or other personal status. As far as the mentally ill black individuals are concerned, their deprivation possibly stem from two major factors: 1) their inability to function normally due to mental condition 2) their compromised social and economic status. Most black individuals having mental health conditions are unable to function in a normal fashion. For this reason they are unable to avail job opportunities that are otherwise available to common people. For many black citizens within UK, an incurable mental problem has a highly

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