Saturday, August 10, 2019

Is it morally defensible for doctors to offer treatments that will Essay

Is it morally defensible for doctors to offer treatments that will enhance human capabilities (mental or physical) Discuss - Essay Example Abnormal genes will be replaced with normal and well functioning genes through homologous combination while selective reverse mutation will ensure that abnormal genes will return to the normal function (Sandel, 2007). Spindle transfer approach will ensure that the entire mitochondrion that is defective is replaced with normal mitochondria. Basically, there are two types of gene therapy that are Somatic gene therapy and Genetic gene therapy. Somatic gene therapy entails the transfer of genes in the somatic cells of the patient except the undifferentiated stem cells (Burley and Harris, 2002). On the other hand, Genetic gene therapy entails modification of the cells including the sperm cells of the patient and these genes become inheritable by the offspring of the patients thus preventing the passage of the disease to the offspring (Becker, 2000). Gene therapy has attracted intense ethical debate and controversy with the opponents asserting that it is not natural while the proponents as sert that it improves the living standards of the patient and offspring (Wartburg and Liew, 1999). According to Aristotle’ ethical theory, all the scientific technique must aim at certain good and there is absolutely one final end of all sciences. The absolute end of sciences should be happiness which all sub-ends aim at attaining (Wartburg and Liew, 1999). In this case, Aristotle ethical theory is clear that happiness entails thriving life and living well. Accordingly, happiness of patients encompasses the external goods that include wholesome children and personal beauty (Burley and Harris, 2002). According to Aristotle, gene-therapy is necessary since it leads to high standards of health care thus leading to happy patients and wholesome children (Vaughn, 2009). Accordingly, the death of a patient will cause unhappiness to the friends and close family

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