Friday, August 23, 2019

Mother Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mother - Essay Example These suggestions used to appear awkward to me and I used to regard them as useless and boring. I never paid heed to her advice and continued hanging out with my friends whom I used to trust more than my mother. Then one fine day everything changed; my views about her changed and my heart got sunk in a state of regret. It was a chilled, stormy day and apparently the last day of our school. Everyone was excited about the party at night and there were celebrations all over our school. However, the weather gradually started getting worse and most of the people I knew cancelled their plans for the night. I got several calls from my mom as she was worried as to when I would get back home. The sky grew darker and was overshadowed with clouds. Lightening struck and it started raining in no time. Since I was with my high school friends, I did not find it appropriate to attend to my mother’s phone calls simply because I was worried what my friends would think of me. I tried to ignore the calls by not attending to them but soon my friends found out that my mom had been calling. Never had I felt as embarrassed as I did at that time. I switched off my phone and headed for the beach with my friends. The downpour was heavy and all the streets were choked with traffic. I started feeling scared and helples s as warnings were issued on the radio calling people to head towards their homes. The windscreen started losing clarity and the road ahead was barely visible. In a matter of seconds our car got sidetracked, hit another car and crashed into a pit. In a flash of time the cops came and took us to the hospital. I had been unconscious all that time and when the first time I opened my eyes I saw my mother standing right in front of me with tears in her eyes. I did not know what to say; I was speechless. My heart filled with regret all of a sudden and I could

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