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Madison and the War of 1812 -was the war of 1812 the first war for Research Paper - 1

Madison and the War of 1812 -was the war of 1812 the first war for manifest destiny - Research Paper Example The strategy for attacking Britain was through Canada which by then was Britain’s colony. American officials were very optimistic about the success of the invasion 1. However, America was to suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of Sir Isaac Brock, British soldier and administrator in charge of upper Canada(modern Ontario) on the August of 16th,1812.On September 13th,1814, Baltimore’s Fort McHenry after withstanding several hours of Bombardment by the British Navy, the following morning hoisted the American flag, a sight that inspired Francis Scott Key to write a poem called â€Å"The star-Spangled Banner† which would later be adopted as the U.S. national anthem. Notably, Kentucky made contribution of approximately 18,000 troops to the war as a result suffered a very high proportion of the nation’s casualties in the war. However, saw an end to the war and the atrocities through a negotiated settlement which was referred to as the Treaty of Ghent, on Dec ember 24th 1814.Kentucky once again was to feature in a major way through statesman Henry Clay who played an important part in the efforts. By then he was already the house speaker. James Madison’s tenure were particularly dominated by foreign dilemmas especially since they marked the last years of the Napoleonic wars. Noteworthy, when the Embargo Act was repelled, subsequent attempts to reduce tensions at sea included the Non-Intercourse Act, which took effect from March 1809 to May 1810.Importantly, it set the grounds for non-importation or exportation against belligerent nations including France and England as trade with these nations was prohibited. Therefore under the Act trade with all other nations was permissible. But as far as France and Great Britain, trade would resume with whichever nations dropped its restrictions against U.S. but American ships would go wherever they wanted. Furthermore, under the terms

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