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Marketing in fashion business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Marketing in fashion business - Essay Example This research will begin with the definition of marketing as the process of determining the products or services which are been wanted by customers and also laying down strategies of making the sale and improving the communications with the customers. Marketing is such an important aspect of any business if maximum profits are to be made and many customers reached. There are many methods of marketing which will at most times be determined by the type of products or services to be marketed. In fashion businesses marketing is very important. It will determine the rate of which your commodities will be sold. There are many approaches you can use in reaching the customers but before it all, you must ensure that there well laid down strategies. Without marketing strategies, your business will not achieve anything since it is repeatedly said that ‘failing to plan is planning to fail.’ In the marketing of fashion designs, you must make sure that the market is broad and that the products or services satisfy the customers. Satisfaction in itself is a tool for marketing since when you meet the demands of the customers to the letter they will influence others extrinsically to like your fashion. Fashion is a big industry and it can be very risky to venture into if you are not ready to market your products or services. You have to make sure that you reach customers from all corners of the world or the intended area. The sale does not matter much in this kind of marketing but what will matter more is the satisfaction of customers.... In planning you ought to be realistic by comparing the plan with previous plans (White and Grifftiths, 2000 p.36). Strategies in fashion marketing One of the marketing strategies you have to employ in fashion marketing is use of the internet. This is very quick since a photograph posted on the internet will be seen by people from all parts of the world. This is very important since this fashion industry requires fast marketing before the fashion becomes outdated. You have to reach the customers that quick when their desires of the fashion are high. In the websites the customers will analyze the product or service. Therefore t should be done with a lot expertise so as to lure the customers very quickly (Vogt and Wojak, 2007 p.124). You should make use of the media in fashion marketing. This is a quick method to reach many people in a short time. In televisions you should market your produces or services. In radios it can also be done. In areas where magazines are quickly sold like in the developed countries you can use them to advertise your commodity. For marketing of fashion cloths like dresses this is one best tool you can use. You can portray varieties of features of models wearing the dresses. This has been used by the Tony Company in US and their fashion dresses are in sale unlike the situation with other fashion industries who are seated back to wait for customers. Another method of marketing in fashion industry is online advertising. In this you can post a lot of articles and photographs on your commodities (Tungate, 2008 p.98). You can also use other blogs like the email blogs to market. For those who are fans of browsing then you will reach them very fast.

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